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In September of this year BlueSoft completed the implementation of “Wrota Świętokrzyskie” Web portal extension project. Two services were created: multimedia portal and portal for the blind.

The implemented portal is based on Liferay 6.1 Enterprise Edition technology.

The multimedia portal facilitates and speeds up adding the following content:


For every material it is possible to put a poll with voting results, add marks or comments, publish it in the social media or mail it to a friend. The portal supports multiple languages and advanced content search. The users can subscribe to various newsletter groups and receive messages from the editors on a regular basis. The portal was also adopted for users with poor eyesight through the use of contracting templates of the website. It was also verified from the point of view of display readers for the blind.

Every material can be assigned to geographical coordinates. The information is exported in SHP format to the mapping service in the Marshal Office.

Portal for the blind enables creating new articles as well as importing existing content from the portals managed by the Marshal Office. This in turn enables gathering information and sharing it in the form adapted for blind users as well as downloading it from the pages that were not adapted for blind users. The portal is compliant with the WCAG AAA standard, facilitating the access to the information through display readers.

All the features were implemented in compliance with the Liferay method, which accelerates project completion. The whole project is based on standard mechanisms whose functionality was extended in order to adapt them to the expanded requirements of the client. The system is characterized by high efficiency, which was one of the most inspiring challenges of the project. The portal can support more than 200 requests per second with 100ms response time. Mechanisms for watching videos and streaming online transmissions are also very effective.

Thanks to technologies used by BlueSoft – Liferay Portal, Red5 Media Server and Lighttpd Server – it was possible to meet the requirements of the client when it comes to system efficiency, the number of simultaneous video transmissions, live transmissions and sessions on the portal. With the maximum assumed load, the environment still has some overhead processing power. The only limitation is bandwidth of the connection used by the environment.

  • Articles with embedded multimedia elements, such as video files, photo galleries, audio files,
  • Photo galleries,
  • Video galleries,
  • Webcams,
  • Interactive 360-degree panoramas and virtual walks (also generating panoramas based on panoramic photos),
  • Wallpapers and any mulimedia files,
  • Online transmission of image and sound (e.g. transmissions from regional council
  • meetings or cultural events).