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We are pleased to inform you that the Raiffeisen Polbank Dream Personal Account advertising campaign has been launched and its slogan is “Use with Pleasure”.

The services offered range from such applications as Mobile Wallet and Mobile Bank or R-Online internet banking system.

Logo Raiffeisen Polbank, mobile payments

Mobile payments in Raiffeisen Polbank

BlueSoft was entirely responsible for developing the Mobile Wallet application which provides mobile phone payments using the NFC HCE technology, as well as integration with the bank’s internal systems and point of sale terminals.

The product’s success translates into numbers – upon launch, the Mobile Wallet gained hundreds of new users and the entire campaign received much publicity both online and on TV. A famous fashion blogger with a catchy nickname, “Ekskluzywny Menel” (Elegant Hobo), was the face of the campaign.

More information about the entire promotional campaign available at: