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System integration

It’s our core competence. Read more about integration and see how we helped our Clients worldwide to integrate systems

What is Enterprise Application Integration?

The pace of contemporary business motivates a number of companies to implement ever more innovative IT services so as to meet the growing demands of clients and shareholders.
Most such services require integration with existing IT environment systems in order to utilize their full potential.
Simultaneously, what can be observed is a paradigm shift from “perfection” to “agility”, i.e. the possibility to quickly adapt to changes in the economic, technological, cultural and legal environment.
However, bad integration of IT systems may stand in the way of such agility and significantly reduce the “time-to-market” capabilities for new applications.
It is thus essential to approach IT architecture so as to enable sharing services among domain systems of a company while simultaneously ensuring maximum agility of business and IT.
Appropriately applied EAI patterns, such as SOA or micro-service, help eradicate symptoms of poorly designed integration, i.e.:

  • information silos
  • point-to-point systems
  • non-compliance with communication standards

A well-designed integration strategy is the key to simplifying an organization’s IT environment, reducing its maintenance costs and managing it efficiently.
It brings business and technology closer to each other.

It is also the necessary foundation for:

  • business process automation (BPM) by orchestrating available services
  • seamless integration of enterprise systems with mobile applications and cloud solutions
  • building a flexible B2B channel for the purposes of maintaining relations with partners and data monetization
  • enabling operating BI and making decisions in real time
  • efficient migration from legacy systems and integration of IT environments within M&A framework

EAI challenges?

Implementing a strategic enterprise architecture poses a number of challenges:

  • It requires in-depth knowledge of architectural patterns, reference models and communication standards.
  • In most cases it requires making an about-face over the traditional way of thinking about system integration.

Why BlueSoft is the perfect partner for the integration of IT systems?

  • We have the strongest integration team in Central Europe (more than 100 EAI experts with more than 6 years’ experience).
  • We are the partner of choice responsible for developing and maintaining 2 out of 10 biggest webMethods environments in the world.
  • We have designed and implemented SOA architecture for a global Fortune 500 client.
  • We successfully implement integration solutions based on leading enterprise and open-source class technologies, both in-house and IaaS.

Several figures regarding one of the environments developed by us:

  • 75 integrated systems
  • 35 000 000 messages daily
  • 125 integration servers

Technologies we are using

BlueSoft's services

Application services

  • Application development
  • Application maintenance & support
  • Quality assurance and testing
  • Legacy application reshaping
  • Application migration services


IT Outsourcing services

  • IT outsourcing (all about flexibility)
  • Application management
  • Systems integration
  • Consulting services