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Business Intelligence

Turning your data into wisdom

What is Business Intelligence?

Modern enterprises amass great amounts of data. Client, financial or staff data carry much equity. Yet, the data is not a value in its own right. Only the knowledge therein makes it possible to obtain added value. Business Intelligence (BI) is the entire process of acquiring, processing and sharing data with end users in the form of analyses, reports or dashboards. What is key in this process is for the subsequent products to provide value from the point of view of the end user. Business Intelligence is a complex process which requires engaging resources both on the part of an organization’s IT department and on the part of business users, whose participation every step of the way is essential to its success. There exist numerous techniques to be used in the Business Intelligence process. Some are known from other areas of IT, such as databases, while some are typical of BI itself. For instance:
  • ETL (Extract/Transform/Load)
  • ELT (Extract/Load/Transform)
  • Data warehousing
  • Big data
  • Data quality
  • Dashboards
  • Data mining
The market abounds in dedicated BI tools owned by such household names as SAP (SAP Business Objects), IBM (IBM Cognos), Oracle (Oracle BI), Qlik (QlikView) or open source solutions like Pentaho or Jasper. Efficiently implemented Business Intelligence solutions allow an organization to significantly improve business processes. It is made possible by providing business users with appropriate and accurate data whenever it is needed and in the form suitable to the requirements of the task at hand. This directly translates into minimizing costs. It also opens up avenues for boosting revenue in certain fields of a company’s operations.

BI challenges?

Each BI implementation project poses a number of challenges:
  • It requires time and financial committment.
  • It depends on the complexity of the analyzed business processes.
  • It requires substantial committment on the part of employees who are oftentimes essential to an organization.
  • It requires close cooperation between IT departments and business users.

Why BlueSoft is the perfect partner in the area of BI?

A few reasons why BlueSoft is an excellent partner for Business Intelligence implementation:
  • We are proud to have completed BI projects for big clients at home and abroad.
  • We also use Business Intelligence elements for other projects.
  • Our consultants have ample experience in implementing BI solutions based on a variety of technologies.
  • We are experts at running projects incorporating open source solutions.
  • We are very much familiar with reference data models of a variety of industries – including such complex ones as telecommunications or banking.
  • We are highly competent in the realm of databases, data warehousing and big data.
  • We offer consulting services in the area of BI initiatives planning and their gradual adoption to an organization.

Technologies we are using

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